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A new adventure awaits!!

Taking God's love to the gypsies in Bulgaria

Dear friends and fellow travelers,
How are you ?
If you don’t know, I 'm doing the third year of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in
Redding , California .
This year , as in previous years , we have mission trips as part of our school. Our school take more than 2,000 students to more than 45 different cities and countries and I was accepted to go to Bulgaria with the same leaders of my mission trip to Honduras and Nicaragua in 2012 .
The Banovs (Georgian and Winnie Coco) focus on bringing the Gospel ( love, joy and freedom ) of Christ to most rejected. In 2012 I went with them to the trash dumps in Honduras and Nicaragua to bring food and the Gospel to those Jesus loves.
 Georgian and Winnie Banov are passionate about the message of the cross . The love they have for Jesus comes like contagious joy that they carry and is impacting many. This is a work they have been doing for years now and they keep relationship with those they reach with love.
Being part of something that has already started and will continue after us excites me and the feeling of contributing to the expansion of the Kingdom of God on this Earth feels me with joy.
I'll share with you videos and photos of previous ministries trips that Global Celebration (the Banovs ministry) have done. Because our trip is only for students at BSSM, I got the text and videos they have on their website about other trips to Bulgaria, sou you can have an idea of what will be happening in our trip.

 “Bulgaria – not a country you normally hear about.  But God is doing a work among the Gypsies there!

Bulgaria has a population of over 7.5 million.  Approximately 84 percent of the people are of “Bulgarian” ethnicity, with about 7 percent “Roma.”  The Roma are a distinct ethnic group that originated from Northwest India.  Their dark skin originally gave them the name “Egyptian” which was shortened to the term of “Gypsy.”
The Roma live in small enclaves scattered all over Europe and beyond.  Most Roma groups in Europe are greatly discriminated against – suffering from unequal wages, employment and education.

The Gypsy slums and ramshackle neighborhoods provide the perfect setting for outdoor evangelist crusades. Unlike the stereotypes held about them, they are some of the warmest and most loving people one has ever met.  Their hearts are wide open to the Gospel, and they have been embracing the message of the cross in revival proportions.

With affection, they are responding to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Being the poorest of the poor they do not have a “reputation” to lose, and therefore are not ashamed to let themselves get lost in worship, or of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  During these crusades, hundreds are getting saved daily, and they readily join in celebrating the Lord in abandoned praise!
As last years summer Global Celebration team traveled from neighborhood to neighborhood praying and laying hands on the Gypsies, the Lord did many miracles among them – the deaf heard, the blind saw, the lame walked and families and communities were set free from curses and involvement in witchcraft.  The testimonies of changed lives are endless.

All of these miracles and ministry opportunities take place in an intense environment of celebration and worship to the King of Kings, resulting in entire neighborhoods and communities that are being changed forever. These are exciting times!

I hope you enjoyed it, just like I did!!

I can not wait for, along with 42 other revivalists filled with the love of the Father , invade Bulgaria with the Gospel .
Our journey begins on March and the cost of the trip is $ 3.600.

Money I nor my family earthly family has , but nothing impossible for our Father , right?
I can’t meet this challenge alone , but I can with your help . And all help make the
differences . Even $10.
My first payment will be made on the 19th of November and the amount is $360.
 If I get 18 friends donating  $20 (twenty dollars) , I can hit the target and hold my
Spot on the trip.

You can donate at this website -

My name should appear right there , but if doesn’t, search for Patricia Dutra de
Oliveira .

Join me ! Share this post on your facebook , talk with friends ! Together we make it!!!

Thank you !

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